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Supermileage Weekly Team Updates


  • Working on I2C communication between driver controls and motor controller for future years
  • Correcting HUD screen errors
  • Resoldering motor controller boards for testing
  • Horn and brake lights tested
  • 3D printing PCB cases
  • Fixing coupler resonance issues at new dyno


  • Removed front windows
  • Determined optimum window size modifications


  • Working on finishing engine mount and intake
  • New engine head CC'd. Working on install.
  • Starting to model piston for increased compression and exhaust senior design

Updated on 4/17/2017

SAE Supermileage Competition Team Summary

Highest Mileage: 793 MPG
Overall Place: 4th
Place for teams only using Junior 206: 1st
Design Review Score: 360/450 (5th)

We started the first day with getting ourselves situated. We spent a couple hours making sure everything ran and getting some minor bugs patched up. We then went to Tech Inspection. This is where everything went wrong. We passed parts of the static inspection, and passed almost all of the dynamic inspection (tilt table, roll bar, visibility, and kill switch inspection).
We had three problems, one for each team:
Fuel System: The head judge was not happy with our pneumatic push to connect fittings as they were not guaranteed to be leak proof. Thus, he required us to encapsulate the entire fuel system. We used fuel line with pipe clamps.
Leg Guards: The front leg guards were WAY too small. We needed almost full encapsulation to prevent driver contact with the wheels.
Electrical: Fuse on the brake lights was on the negative side. Also tightened down some loose wiring.
This took us the remainder of the day, plus about 3 hours after the grounds closed where we were working out of the trailer in the parking lot of the gas station across the street from the hotel (had some friendly truckers talk to us about the car).

During the first day, we also had the verbal design report. We scored full marks on the verbal report, which leaves the deficit of the points (90 points) for the written design review. (One of the judges also thought the huskies were wolves... oops.)

The second day we headed in and got into tech inspection. The head judge approved the changes and we moved into the rest of the dynamic inspections. After a small brush with warm up enrichment on the slalom, we passed the turn test in 2 tries. The brake test took us 4 attempts, mostly just timing. We went straight into our performance runs, and completed 4 runs out of 5. The mileages were (in run order) 540, 703, 793, 763. Our last attempted run was a DNF as our fuel bottle became disconnected from our fuel system and dropped all our fuel out the bottom of the car. Not bad for a team that has the larger engine and two years of being gone from competition.

Also, we had one of the largest cars there, but we rolled farther than almost every team there. We were able to coast from the start of the last turn to the start line consistently, and sometimes halfway through the first turn! That is really impressive for the largest car!





























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