Driver Controls and Heads Up Display

Created 11/13/2015

One of the new system to be implemented in our newly named car, The Dog Sled, is going to be the driver controls and heads up display (HUD). A group of electrical engineers have been focusing in on the HUD and electronic driver controls for the past semester. Some things that they are looking to implement are: an LCD screen that displays info about the car, custom 3D driver controls and speed/throttle settings. These updates are going to be in our car for the Shell Eco-marathon in April.


The LCD screen is going to be particularly useful for getting info to the driver. The driver will easily be able to see current speed, target speed, average speed, state of charge and diagnostic and error code information. This will be run from onboard systems giving the driver real time updates of all these attributes.

The 3D printed driver controls are part of a joint project with Body Team that will utilize the new steering system. The new steering system will be designed by Body Team using yokes. This means that the driver will be laying down and with their hands at their sides, the handles will be at their waist. This will remove the wheel and give the driver a better view. On the other hand, the Electrical Team is designing and 3D printing the actual handles the driver will be interacting with. These handles will have finger triggers and thumb buttons that will be able to be configured for various functions.

The speed/throttle settings are currently in development. These controls will be able to accelerate our car at the most efficient rate. The driver will be able to hit the accelerate button and then the controller will take over and ramp up our speed at the correct rate. This takes out the driver error that could result in inefficiencies.

Overall, the HUD and driver controls are going to be integral to our car. If the bugs can be worked out, these controls and method of information passing will be integral to our successes. These controls would be very unique to our team and the competition in general. The hope being that they help our team to be competitive at #SEM2016.