Driver Controls and HUD Update

 Created on 2/17/2016

In order to prepare for our competition at the Shell Eco-Marathon in April, the senior design team working on the driver controls and heads up display (HUD) have been actively working to create an easy to use and robust system that will be ready by competition. A few features of the system include: an STM32F4-Discovery board that analyzes and controls necessary actions for all devices, an LCD screen that displays info about the car, and two 3D printed driver controls.


The STM32F4-Discovery Board is a key component for the HUD and driver controls. The board takes inputs and performs calculations to determine what speed to output to the LCD screen as well as communicating with other boards within the vehicle.

The two 3D printed driver controls represent one for left hand and another for right hand. They have been updating over the past few weeks for optimal grip and ease of use. Updates were made when the grip spacing was too wide for a single hand and so now the grip is well cut for the hand of the driver. Another update is the ability to press the buttons and flip the switches with the gloves on because the current model has a button and a switch as well as a trigger for the right hand and a limit switch for the left hand. The left hand will only have the limit switch which if pressed will enable the motor to run otherwise the motor will not. The right hand has user input for speed/throttle through the trigger as well as other switches for a kill switch and HUD control.

The team is also working to get the LCD screen functional with the information from the car. When implemented, the driver will easily be able to see current speed, target speed, average speed, state of charge and diagnostic and error code information. The information will be run in real time with updates coming from the STM32F4-Discovery Board.

Working in conjunction with the other controller for the vehicle, the HUD and driver controls remain a core part for our car. As competition nears, the HUD and driver controls near completion to be ready for use at and help out team be strong competitors at #SEM2016.