Road to #SEM2016

Created on 9/18/2015

The goal of the Supermileage Systems Enterprise is a simple one; to go the farthest on the least amount of energy. Historically, SSE has only competed at the SAE Supermileage competition but this year that will change. Our team is currently on pace to compete at the Shell Eco-marathon competition in Detroit this coming April. During this competition, we will be competing in the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) division. To be able to compete in this competition, our team needs to work quickly and efficiently to achieve our goal of transforming our car from a Gas Engine to an Electric Motor drive system. This blog will follow our story as we attempt to achieve our goal of making it to Shell Eco-marathon.

To be both rule compliant and competitive at the Shell Eco-marathon, the team has already decided on a number of projects that we will be undertaking this school year. Most of the major projects fall onto the electricals with the biggest and most important one being the design of the new motor controller. This controller will be what controls the electric power of the battery and delivers it to the appropriate winding inside the motor to move our vehicle. Other projects include finding a battery that is compatible with our controller and motor and redesigned the Heads Up Display (HUD). On the body side of things, one of the major projects is to rework the steering system. For the Shell Eco-marathon, our car needs to be able to drive on actual roads and this means that we need to be able to make 90 degree turns. To be rule compliant, our car needs to have a turn radius of 25 feet. To go along with the redesign of the actual steering system, Body Team also is looking to ergonomically improve our steering wheel.

Looking forward, this is an exciting time for Supermileage Systems Enterprise. The addition of the Shell Eco-marathon will be a welcome change and a good challenge for entire team.