Engine Team Update

Created on 3/20/2017

As the semester comes to a halfway point the Supermileage Systems Engine Team has been hard at work getting ready for competition this summer. One of the main projects of the semester is injector positioning. In the past years the injector has been located off the engine head with a 3 to 5 inches away from the combustion chamber.

The updated design includes moving the current injector onto the head to increase fuel efficiency (more direct path of fuel injection). Moving the injector position took a lot of work from the engine team as a whole. Some of the tasks required to move the injector included testing injector spray angle, taking injector dimensions, determining head material, dimensions of intake port and intake valve, redesign of the intake runner using CAD and FEA, as well as machining and welding to put the design together.

Soon enough the design will be tested on the dyno to prove out the theory. Stay tuned to see the benefits on the engine performance.