Start of the New Year

Created on 9/29/2016

The new school year has begun at Michigan Tech, and that means that Supermileage is back to work getting ready for this year’s competitions. Challenges are presenting themselves right out of the gate. At the very beginning of the semester, there was an issue with a pipe breaking in the workshop. Compounding the issues of standard water damage was the fact that the water was extremely grimy, wreaking all kinds of havoc on our car. The worst of the damage was to the chain for the engine and the interior kill switch, both of which were damaged beyond repair. The foam of the driver seat also received slight harm. Although it is possible we could still use it, there’s a good chance it will have to be replaced. 

Fortunately, the outside of the vehicle held up quite well. In some areas, most notably on the flat surface that could hold water, the carbon fiber was soaked, but this can be remedied by allowing it to dry. While lots of other parts of the car that were uncovered endured some contact with the water, the solution is as easy as letting them dry. After that, they will be in a condition that they can be used in our car. Some electric parts are going to need to be cleaned as well because of the dirty contents of the water. 

While this situation is definitely a setback, our team is already hard at work repairing the damage. We already have solutions to all the problems and will be implementing them in the next few weeks.