Drive Cycle Design

Created 11/29/2017

During the past semester, the Drive Cycle Senior Design Team has been designing and implementing an automated drive cycle that will increase efficiency and reduce driver error losses. The goal is to relay an ideal throttle position to the driver in a safe non distracting manner. The team has completed gathering all of the essential course parameters and implementing them in a way the microprocessor can easily understand. An efficiency vs current curve was found for the brushless motor which is used to compare the current vs ideal throttle positions. A general equation was created to measure the max speed the car can be traveling from its current location before having to coast to make the next corner safely without having to brake. A new LED display was designed and fabricated to relay these parameters to the driver in a safe convenient way. Along with the screen a reset button was added to allow for a lapping feature to remove any calculation error from lap to lap. In the future, the dyno load will be synchronized with the course characteristics gathered to provide simulation of the course.