Engine Load Profile Senior Design

Created 3/1/2018

A large goal for future competitions is to have well tuned engine and a new senior design has begun that will help to accomplish just that. The ultimate goal is to create an engine that can perform the burn coast cycle and use as little fuel as possible. Using the dynamometer built last year the team is integrating new advanced coding in order to achieve simultaneous parameter adjustment with real time engine feedback.

This would be a large development for the team because the current dynamometer does work well at applying loads to the engine, but does not allow for efficient manipulation of variables, nor readings of engine parameters. This code would accelerate the process, as well as create a more intuitive interface for future team members. Alleviating the difficulty of tuning, will help the engine team to progress further in other areas of development.

The team is currently utilizing Matlab/Simulink in order to generate the load profile which will apply the forces through labview. Once this has been completed, the team will integrate a GUI so that variables can be easily manipulated and relevant parameters can be easily accessed such as BSFC, fuel economy and thermal efficiency.