First blog of the year

Created 10/11/2017

The new year has gotten started and the team is working hard to make sure the car is ready to destroy Laval next summer. All sub teams have many projects to work on.

Engine Team

The new dynamometer, created last year for a senior design, is being finalized for engine tune up. The engine team also plans to complete reduced displacement for increased efficiency. When paired with the increased compression senior design, we hope for fantastic result!

The team is also redesigning our engine mount. We plan to test our new system before competition. Last competition season, the mount was a point of failure. We will avoid such issues with thorough testing.

Body Team

The body team has two primary goals. First, we aim to finish our testing rig to maximize our potential on efficiency gains. Second, we are investigating how to remove slack in our chain, which has a habit of falling off.

The vehicle is also being remade this year with the goal of decreasing the size and weight of the vehicle. Decreasing size will be easy. However, since our design was already built with minimal weight in mind, decreasing it further will prove a challenge.

Electrical Team

The electrical team also has many projects to develop. After testing the clutch at competition, we decided that controlling it electronically would be ideal. Our electrical team is also working hand-in-hand with body team and engine team to develop a rolling road. This will be great for warming up and tuning during competition. We can also use it during the school year for remote testing and changes.

The HUD continues to improve. If we settle the design before the end of the semester, we may be able to broaden it to help with gaining higher efficiency at both the SAE and Shell competitions.

As these projects develop and change throughout the year, we will post updates here!  Be sure to check to stay informed.