New Vehicle Body

Created 10/24/2017


The design, analysis and fabrication of the new vehicle is off to a fantastic start! The team hopes to have the rolling chassis completed by winter break, and so far we're on schedule.

The team has already completed the design concept work and presented a great design review on it. We integrated the results and proceeded with CAD and FEA analysis. The team is pushing for the most improvement on the chassis design. The current car already has an advanced design, so improving upon that before winter break is proving a challenge. The current concept, which is facing rigorous testing with Hypermesh, doesn't use carbon fiber tubing. The design relies on the natural strength carbon fiber has when curved.

This is an interesting design. Not only does it reduce the weight of the chassis, but it will also reduce the cost. This innovative solution is not without constraints. The goal of the design is not only to add strength. The team must also ensure sufficient mounting space for the subsystems in the vehicle.

Other areas targeted for weight savings are the rear forks. The current plan is to remove the aluminum and use carbon fiber tubes. This will help reduce the weight of the car. Combined with the reduction to the overall dimensions of the vehicle to remove excess space and material, our team is looking at a notable reduction in car mass.

Finally, to increase safety, the team will be increasing the vehicle's field of vision. We plan to do this during the spring semester, during the fabrication of the shell.