Weekly Meeting Subteam Updates

Engine Team

  • Taking engine off dyno this week to dry fit into car
  • Testing clutch fitment with engine
  • Started GT power spark timing simulations

Body/Chassis Team

  • Vacuum bagged steering column
  • Layup the top half of the shell on Thursday
  • Continue working on rear mount
  • Rim that was ordered is back ordered for a couple weeks

Drivetrain Team

  • Drilled holes in tubing and brackets
  • Need to blueprint brake caliper
  • Starter was protruding through firewall, moved engine around in CAD model
  • Working on aligning engine in car
  • Working out blast shield base plate issues

Electrical Team

  • Temporary DAQ acquired. ¬†Recording voltage and current metrics
  • Servo is wired up for ETC
  • Wiring harness has been designed for connectors
  • Getting ETC verified this week

Battery Electric Vehicle

  • Completed blast shield and adding handles to make it easier to carry
  • Potentially ordering DAQ next week
  • Sourced two motor/motor controller pairs


Updated 12/6/2014