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Supermileage Weekly Team Semester Updates


  • Tested driver controls
  • Troublshooted  Distro board
  • Reconnected joystick cabled
  • Updated Rolling Road screen functions
  • Drilled holes for cord grips
  • Rolling Road Eagle schematics checked
  • Began rear wheel tach CAD


  • Made and installed new wheel guards
  • Finished tensioner machining and mounting  
  • Finished rear axle
  • Tested axle/rear forks
  • Finalized CAD of actuator mounting
  • Began machining pivot anchor plate
  • Machined engine plate slots


  • Machined sleeves for plate
  • Used Simulink to simulate engine
  • Honed cylinder
  • Pressure tested fuel system
  • Built table for car 
  • Worked on tuning the engine for competition

Updated on 4/11/2018





























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