Weekly Meeting Subteam Updates

Engine Team

  • Tensioning belt this week
  • Ready to take data after DAQ failure is fixed
  • Learning GT Power
  • Looking into thermal control on fuel flow sensor
  • Intake work is still being done

Body/Chassis Team

  • Began sanding surface of shell smooth
  • Finished carbon components of the frame
  • Front axle is welded and mounted
  • Ordered tubes and correct wheel for rear
  • Hoping to get wheels on the car this week and continue cleaning up carbon

Drivetrain Team

  • Holes in tubing close to done
  • Found material for load plate
  • Milling slots in tubing to be done this week
  • Didn't account for putting brakes on the rear wheel and will need to find a disk brake

Electrical Team

  • DAQ parts arrived, installed, still not working
  • Electronic connections laid out and prioritized to minimize number of connections required
  • Calibrated fuel flow sensor
  • Might look into borrowing another DAQ until new one is purchased or old one fixed

Battery Electric Vehicle

  • Met with Polaris about electrical motors
  • Cut out plywood for blast shield
  • Looking into buying motor this week
  • Finalizing details about ordering DAQ


Updated 11/18/2014