Weekly Meeting Subteam Updates

Engine Team

  • Introducing dyno to new team members
  • Arduino controller not working; troubleshooting
  • Intake injector port should be designed this week
  • Getting code working to take data
  • Fix servo (electronic throttle control) control

Body/Chassis Team

  • Attempted to thermo-form front window but did it backwards; doing it correctly this week
  • Fixed the back of bottom shell
  • Mounted chassis to bottom shell
  • Mark and cut out hatches
  • Getting rear wheel from shop

Drivetrain Team

  • Writing code in NX to use CNC
  • Reviewing drawings and manufacturing processes
  • Using CNC or plasma table for parts

Electrical Team

  • Tasks assigned for projects
  • Wiring harness drawn up
  • Designing steering wheel controls
  • Planning car wire routing
  • Troubleshooting electronic throttle control

Battery Electric Vehicle

  • Figured out why hub wheel was not working (brakes were slightly depressed)
  • Reorganized tasks with EEs on SSE


Updated 1/20/2015