Weekly Meeting Subteam Updates

Engine Team

  • Re-installed engine at ATDC
  • Got quote for new fuel pump
  • Batteries ordered and shipped

Body/Chassis Team

  • Front windows installed
  • Brake adjustments made
  • Steering is tighter; did more steering tests
  • Installing front wheel guards, installing new steering mount
  • Shorten front axle width
  • Doing more visibility testing this week
  • Working on intake bubble
  • Prepping for testing Saturday
  • If necessary, moving rear wheel forward

Machine Team

  • Finished electric motor plate
  • Modified intake flange design - reassembled intake
  • Designed bubble mold and milled out mold blank
  • Looking into vibration issues with engine in car - getting new dampers
  • Making bubble for intake this week; also making wheel cover panels
  • Making new throttle body flange for intake

Electrical Team

  • Batteries ordered
  • WiFi DAQ software complete
  • Main ESC board completed
  • Doing a walkthrough of electrical systems to make sure all competition rules are met
  • Fuel pump priming

Battery Electric Vehicle

  • Put larger sprocket on rear wheel and tested motor again
  • Current motor does not have enough torque/power for vehicle
  • Made advanced model using Simulink
  • Planning Ecomarathon event trip to see what other teams are doing
  • Continued research of electric motors

                                                                                                                      Updated 03/24/2015

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