Weekly Meeting Subteam Updates

Engine Team

  • Improving fuel system issues with bubbles in fuel line and leaking
  • Crank shaft seals from Freudenberg
  • Testing all batteries at the ATDC for capacity and disposing bad ones
  • Get new seals in when convenient

Body/Chassis Team

  • Holes in side of car for windows
  • Completed driver hatch mounting
  • Mounted fire extinguisher
  • Harness mounts finished
  • Installing windows, finishing rear hatch mounting, attach wheels, tubes, and mirrors
  • Engine installation early next week

Electrical Team

  • New DAQ arrived; replacing old DAQ with new one
  • Steering column wire mounting design complete
  • Carwire routing planned
  • Fuel pump board is quoted
  • Steering wheel controls, main board, and fuel pump controller to be done this week

Battery Electric Vehicle

  • Wired up motor and turned it on
  • Made Labview code to get basic voltages out of new DAQ
  • Found capacitor to debounce reed switch to be used for testing rig RPM
  • Beginning no load testing on motor


Updated 2/24/2015