Weekly Meeting Subteam Updates

Engine Team

  • Engine started with small trouble shooting
  • Coil implmented
  • Data cde is working, but not completed
  • Intake has some setbacks, but still progressing with design
  • Finish intake design with BOM this week
  • Getting data on dyno¬†
  • Fuel system mount design project initiated

Body/Chassis Team

  • Halves of vehicle were taped together
  • Hatch cutouts completed
  • Picked up rear wheel
  • Mirror supports are being prepped
  • Continuously sanding shell

Drivetrain Team

  • Finished NX code for CNC
  • Plasma cut base and engine plates (still need to machine out holes)
  • Cut forks to size

Electrical Team

  • Ordered miscellaneous electrical parts
  • Wiring harness construction started
  • Most odd connectors found
  • RPM, torque, HP readings on dyno are working with new setup
  • Design steering wheel controls this week

Battery Electric Vehicle

  • Working with drivetrain on motor mount for testing rig
  • Power supply has been sourced
  • Final quote on DAQ is larger expense than anticipated


Updated 1/29/2015