The Team

The body subteam is responsible for many of the vehicle’s major subsystems including our carbon fiber chassis and aerodynamic shell, the steering, and the drivetrain. Recent projects have included designing and manufacturing a new rear frame, a redesigned engine mount, a new carbon fiber roll bar, and the steering mechanism. These projects decrease our vehicle’s weight and improve reliability, which helps to improve our fuel economy outcomes. Currently, the team is performing road load analysis to evaluate the addition of a continuously variable transmission (CVT) to our vehicle. The team has also been developing a new chassis dynamometer for testing and tuning our drivetrain.

The engine subteam tests the team’s engine by recording torque, horsepower and fuel consumption at our dynamometer to compare our modified engine to the original stock engine setup. This semester, the engine subteam’s main projects include tuning our electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine, optimizing the engine’s cam profile, and increasing engine compression ratio. All of these changes decrease our fuel consumption and thus increase our engine efficiency. The engine subteam is also currently working on altering drivetrain gear ratio to run at an optimal operating condition, dyno redesign, engine thermal management, throttle setup, and fuel system configuration.

The electrical subteam works with all the electronics, batteries, sensors, and controls in the car. They handle the manufacturing, testing, and installation of the electrical components and systems that are needed in the team’s car. The electrical subteam also makes sure all SAE rules regarding electrical systems and batteries are followed. This semester the main focus for the electrical subteam has been integration of vehicle position tracking, implementation of a starter redesign, research on the feasibility of a CAN bus system setup for the vehicle, and vehicle harness updates.

Current Team Members – Spring 2021

Andy Lambertajlamber@mtu.eduMEBody
Bryce Andresbqandres@mtu.eduMETBody
Calub Niswandercniswand@mtu.eduMEBody
Cari Janssencmjansse@mtu.eduEEElectrical
Cas Mankowskicamankow@mtu.eduMEEngine
Chandler Vincentcgvincen@mtu.eduN/AEngine
Charles Hazelcahazel@mtu.eduMEEngine
Christian Waltersckwalter@mtu.eduMEBody
Connor Starkctstark@mtu.eduMEEngine
Dan Hallamdjhallam@mtu.eduMEEngine
Daniel Lideliangl@mtu.eduMEEngine
Dylan Dibbsdldibbs@mtu.eduEEElectrical
Gabbi Regepglregep@mtu.eduMEBody
Garrett Radosagjradosa@mtu.eduMEEngine
Ignacio Carbajosaicarbajo@mtu.eduEMBody
Jack Blockblock@mtu.eduMEEngine
Jacob Hiltunenjrhiltun@mtu.eduEMBody
Jared Shearerjsheare@mtu.eduMEEngine
Leif Olsonlcolson@mtu.eduMEBody
Liam Curtinlcurtin@mtu.eduMEBody
Luis Hernandez Moraleslhernan1@mtu.eduMEBody
Luke Reichlereich@mtu.eduMEBody
Martin Muellermnmuelle@mtu.eduME Engine
Matt Sheeranmtsheera@mtu.eduMEEngine
Michaela Fungmcfung@mtu.eduMEBody
Mitchell VanOeffelenmdvanoef@mtu.eduMEEngine
Nico Cavigliancavigli@mtu.eduCEElectrical
Noah Millernoahm@mtu.eduMEBody
Sam Gibbssngibbs@mtu.eduMEEngine
Sarah Stadlersestadle@mtu.eduMEEngine
Sean Smithseansmit@mtu.eduEEElectrical
Valerie Lynchvrlynch@mtu.eduMEBody
Weston Stromingwpstromi@mtu.eduMEEngine