SSE Pictures

Spring 2022

Screen recording of bluetooth data capture from the Ecotron EFI kit to a team members android phone. Engine is off so the only dynamic data is throttle position (tps) which you can see going up and down as the throttle lever is actuated.
Machining an adapter to connect the flywheel to a rotary encoder in an attempt to increase the quality of horsepower and torque data on the dyno.

Parts created by the Steering and Driver Control Redesign SD, where the center of the vehicles axle is almost done being machined, and we are preparing to start machining other components such as the vehicle mounts, brake mounts, and tie rod tabs.
Creating the new steering system in CAD, and constraining the components in an assembly, to ensure that the steering components do not collide with the brake rotor, to ensure that the vehicle mounting location is the correct height with respect to the ground, and to check clearances. Going forward, we aim to do a finite element analysis on the critical components of the second iteration of the steering system to see how the stress in the components reacts to applied forces.
SSE team members encourage already admitted MTU students to join SSE enterprise.
Some intricate pieces for the Steering Redesign project. These pieces were cut using a water jet that uses water at 55000psi and sand to cut through almost any material.
SSE Members with the complete car at Enterprise Day 2022.
The complete car ready to head to Enterprise Day, hosted at the Rozsa Lobby with the goal of encouraging students to become members of SSE.
The SSE team meets for the first time of Spring 2022 semester!

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